Led light Manufacturers in Rajasthan

Light-emitting diode stands for LED. Up to 90% more light is produced by LED lighting devices than by incandescent bulbs.

We are India’s leading Led light Manufacturers in Rajasthan. A variety of illumination products are available from us to meet a variety of lighting requirements. Many Illumination items, such as backlights, ring lights, spotlights, or line lights, are also offered in addition to the many lighting options. These luminaires emit light in certain ways that make them perfect for a variety of applications. For additional functionality or replacement needs, a variety of lighting accessories are also offered, such as mounting adapters or replacement light guides. Being one of the top Led light Manufacturers in Jaislmer, Rajasthan, we offer the below-given advantages in our LED Lights:

• World-class specifications: CRI of 88 or above and highly efficient LED lights (100 lumens/watt and above) without sacrificing quality.

• Almost all of our lighting items come with a minimum 2-year warranty.

• The best price-quality-service ratio in the nation.

• The housing for fixtures, electronic components, and PCB drivers are all produced in India and have BIS approval.

• A manufacturer that has been in business for the last two decades and has contracts with major international brands.

• Seasoned R&D, sales, and service staff with over decades of collective lighting industry expertise.

• We can offer the most affordable prices for premium LED items with top-notch delivery and warranty support.

To satisfy a range of lighting needs, Edmund Optics offers a selection of illumination products. In addition to the numerous lighting options, a variety of illumination products are also available. These include backlights, ring lights, spotlights, and line lights.

These luminaires have unique light-emitting characteristics that make them ideal for a range of uses. We are the most renowned Led light Manufacturers in Rajasthan, Several lighting accessories, such as mounting adapters or replacement light guides, are also available for added functionality or replacement needs.


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